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May Maobadi Bookmarks


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Prachanda: Maoist capture state power Thru Peace Process & Army Integration

May 27 – Chairman of UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday said Maoists would capture state power only through the peace process, new constitution and after Army integration.

“We will not capture state power through arms as widely speculated,” said Dahal at a programme at the general assembly of Nepal National Industries’ and Commerce Association. “We will not be provoked, but the fight for civilian supremacy will continue through the streets and parliament.”

Feeling betrayed by CPN-UML and its leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, Dahal said, “I thought I worked hard to nurture the elixir of life, but I think I had planted poison.” ... go to complete original article Interview Baburam Bhattarai

May 26
How do you justify your party’s advocacy for civilian supremacy when there are arguments that the government’s move to sack Katawal was not in line with constitutional norms?

Dr Baburam Bhattarai: First of all, we have to see the government’s move in the backdrop of years of struggle for democracy in Nepal. So far as Constituent Assembly (CA), republic and civilian supremacy are concerned, these issues should have been raised by capitalist parties. But unfortunately, Maoists had to do this. The slogan for republic was first raised by the Maoists. In the beginning, all the parliamentary parties were opposed to it, though they finally supported us. Now, when we are raising the issue of civilian supremacy, the same political parties backed by other reactionary forces are protesting it. But we strongly believe that they will ultimately come to our position. It is the reality of Nepali society. ... go to complete original article

Prachanda: New Nepal as a Puppet State?

Outgoing Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said Friday that it is quite possible the new coalition government will be a puppet of reactionaries and different power centres.

Addressing the parliament, Dahal alleged the partners of the new UML-led coalition of engaging in a dirty game as they try to install a new government. Describing the exercise to form the new government as part of a ‘counter-revolution’, the Maoist chief said those “rejected by the people” are now being placed at the helm.

The caretaker Prime Minister in his speech repeatedly questioned the morality of other political parties alleging them of not being able to stand for sovereignty, integrity and unity of the nation.

Dahal, who spent most of his time criticising other parties, said former allies betrayed him in the army chief episode. The parties, according to him, had agreed to take action against the army chief, but later they did a complete about face.

Describing the President’s decision to reinstate the army chief as being regressive and unconstitutional, he said the Maoist party would continue peaceful protests to restore civilian supremacy.
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Madhav Kumar Nepal is the Prime Minister

“I announce that Madha Kumar Nepal has been elected unopposed in the position of Prime Minister as per the Constituent Assembly (CA)’s Legislature-Parliament Business Advisory Regulations 2065,” CA chairman Subash Chandra Nemwang said before the Legislature-Parliamentary session on Saturday.

Nepal had previously served as a former deputy prime minister in a nine-month government led by UML in 1994-95. He led the party for 15 years from 1993 to 2008.

Nemwang congratulated Nepal on behalf of the parliament and himself for being elected the new Prime Minister.

Only Nepal, 56, of the CPN-UML filed nomination for the scheduled election for the Prime minister on Saturday. He filed his nomination at the Parliamentary Secretariat at around 10.30 this morning.

He has the support of around 360 lawmakers from 22 political parties, excluding 238 lawmakers from Maoists and two from CPN (Unified).
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Sikkimization Begins: by Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran
CC Member Nepal Communist Party-Maoist (United)

May 19 - ..We were playing the role of a forward-looking force, yet the local and foreign reactionary forces could not tolerate our moves to liberate the people. Now in our fresh bid to restore peoples’ supremacy, they want, on the other, the Military supremacy. We have the inner feelings that similar to the past political skirmishes that came to a conclusion through various forms of protests, this time around as well a new form of protest will bring the current political deadlock to an end.. s far as, the integration of Militia into Nepal Army is concerned, we will also achieve the target at any cost. We did our best to achieve our goals while we were in the government. But, the reactionaries continued creating hurdles to attain those objectives. Now, our party president has already resigned from the post of the Prime Minister.. could not resist those reactionary moves.. President further stopped us from taking those needed steps. A totalitarian step was thus imposed upon the peoples’ supremacy.. ... go to complete original article

Next Nepal Govt will face great difficulties: UML President Jhala NathKhanal

May 18 - ..Khanal had supported the Maoists stand in the entire nine month long cooperation in the Maoists’ led government, finally opposed the Maoists move to sack the Chief of the Army Staff and facilitated the premature fall of the Maoists’ government. Mr. Khanal said that the next majority government will face great difficulties in tackling the political problems confronting the nation. “To respect the peoples’ mandate, a government with the Maoists participation is a mandatory one”, opined Mr. Khanal. “Our prime duty is to restore peace, institutionalize federal democratic order and to draft the new constitution, yet we will have to face great obstacles in the process”, said Khanal. Mr. Khanal urging the Maoist party to stop terrorizing the cadres of other political parties said they must stop thrashing others and accept the democratic order as it is and establish smooth relations with other communist parties.. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoist Threaten Revolt, State Capture

May 17 - ..“As per the dictates of their foreign masters, the dejected and rejected UML and NC leaders are forming the next government”, said Dahal.. Chandra Prakash Gajurel said that his party will now take on the path to conclude the incomplete decade long rebellion led by his party. “Out from the government is an opportunity for us to complete the revolution, President Ram Baran Yadav has given the Maoists the golden opportunity to bring the revolution to an end through Peoples’ Uprising III” “Now we will capture the State, which is the prime objective of the Maoist party,” Narayan Kaji Shrestha Prakash- Maoists party leader, alleged that Madhav Nepal-a senior UML leader, was an Indian agent. “Mr. Nepal is being lifted to the seat of the PM.. Lila Mani Pokharel.. leader in Dhangadi “If the reactionary move continues, we may have to finally grab our weapons”, said Pokharel “The Maoists were very simple when they were in the government, out of the government we have become dangerous”.. ... go to complete original article

UML Will Have to Repent and Later Apologize: Nepal Minister Gautam

May 14 - Bam Dev Gautam, a UML leader primarily, but, who is considered to be the real mastermind of the Thankot Police Post Attack during fag end of the rebellion and of the King’s rule in coordination with the Maoist Party, has all of a sudden begun criticizing his own party boss, Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal.“The history is the witness of this UML blunder, UML will have no option in the future than to repent for this Himalayan blunder and apologize to the people,” “Our party president Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal by retracting form his earlier decision to sack the Army Chief, is solely responsible for this political blunder”, Gautam added. Mr. Gautam, the deputy prime minister of the country mostly criticized his own party high-command in the course of his speech. “Without the Maoist support, no government will last more than six months period”, he predicted. “The UML is only destroying its future toeing the Nepali Congress line”, Gautam also said. ... go to complete original article

People’s Republic Only Can Guarantee Nepal's National Pride: Narayan Kaji Shrestha United Maoists Leader

May 13 - The.. main target of the People’s War and the last Revolution was not only the Monarchy but also the traditional parliamentary system. What the people need today is the forward looking People’s Republic which is in essence the People’s Democratic Republic where people remain sovereign and their supremacy prevails. People’s Republic can only guarantee national pride which obliterates the entire feudal and imperial symptoms prevailing in the society.. the best system that suits to the needs of the common workers, peasants and the exploited ones of this country. Those who will prefer to object to proceed in this regard will be automatically sidelined by the people. We can thus hope that we will be able to frame a people’s constitution of our preference.. a new government in place that honors the people’s supremacy but not that of the Army’s.. the interim constitution has been derailed. The formation of a new government with the constitution derailed will not get sanction of our party. ... go to complete original article

Sack Nepal Army Chief First and Form Govt. Next: Maoist

May 12 - “Peaceful protests must continue, advised the politburo members, to restore peoples’ supremacy, bring the peace process to its logical conclusion, draft the constitution on time, integrate the Militias into the Nepal Army and finally, to institutionalize the Federal Republican Setup”, a Maoists’ leader is quoted as saying by the media. “The meeting also made a decision in favor of holding mass-meet in Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Dhangadi and Nepalgunj, May 17, 2009, to pressurize the President so that he reverses his earlier decision ”, said Mr. Dinanath Sharma, the Maoists’ party spokesperson talking to the media. “In the Katawal issue, with the President not withdrawing from his decision, it is not possible to constitute the next government”, said Sharma adding that any steps to form the government by ignoring the Constituent Assembly body may invite trouble in the country of the highest order. ... go to complete original article

Unified CPN (Maoist) Politburo: Party Should Organise More Protest Programmes

May 8 - Most of the politburo members who spoke during the meeting held at the Agriculture Development Bank's building at Bhaktapur were unanimous that the party should intensify protests from the parliament and struggle from the streets until civilian supremacy is upheld by sacking the Army chief. Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma said the meeting discussed the protest strategy the party should adopt against the President's move including formation of new government. Apart from that, the meeting also delved in important issues like army integration, constitution writing and proper conclusion of the peace process, it is learnt. The Maoist parliamentary party has already decided to protests in the parliament and struggle in the streets against the President's move, and as per it have obstructed the legislature-parliament sessions for the continued two days. ... go to complete original article

UCPN (Maoist) Not to Allow Business of House

Police have arrested dozens of civil society activists Tuesday morning from a sit-in programme in front of the presidential palace.. Terming the president’s move to reject the decision of the PM, the executive-power holder of the government, as unconstitutional, the civil society activists had called for demonstrations. Krishna Pahadi, Arjun Parajuli, Dr Devendra Raj Pandey, Dr Renu Raj Bhandari, Khaendra Sangraula, Hem Bahadur Bista and Shyam Shrestha are among 50 demonstrators arrested by the police. Talking to Nepal FM, Dr Pandey said police misbehaved with them though the sit-in was peaceful. He said authorities have no right to declare any area as prohibited zones. On Monday, Kathmandu district administration had announced areas at the proximity of presidential palace and army headquarters as prohibited zones for any rallies and demonstrations. Dr Pandey further said they would continue to fight for rule of law, asking the president to stick by his constitutional powers. ... go to complete original article

Nepal: Crisis Over Control of Military

The breaking News is that late last night the President (of the Nepali Congress Party) went way outside his role as stipulated in the interim Constitution and contacted the ex-General Katawal and requested that he continue at his post. The implications of this are unclear- whether the legitimate CoAS Khadka has stepped aside or, the much more probable scenario, there are now two people claiming to be the legitimate head of the Armed Forces. It seems that there is now a dual power, with the Prime Minister being challenged (unconstitutionally) by the president. This will just further disrupt the situation and lead to further instability. The major political parties of the UML and the MJF are still divided, and are likely to remain. However the UML has definitely left the government, although with real reservations from certain key leaders. Yesterday there were clashes between Maoists and Congress cadres, and occasionally the Congress and the police.. likely that the same will occur.. ... go to complete original article

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