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April Maobadi Bookmarks


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Maoist Secretariat Asks Govt to Take Action Against Army Chief

April 30 - Unified CPN (Maoist) has decided to go ahead with the plan to take action against army chief Rookmangud Katawal. Maoist leaders suggested the government to take action against Katawal after a marathon meeting of the party's central secretariat Thursday. Talking to reporters after the meeting held at Prime Minister and party chairman Prachand's Baluwatar residence, Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma said the government has been advised to show 'maximum flexibility' while taking action against the army chief. He added that 'maximum flexibility' would mean an understanding with ruling ally CPN (UML) and the main opposition Nepali Congress on the action against Katawal. Sharma, however, didn't explain the nature of the action, but hinted at the sacking of the army chief as the meeting upheld the party's earlier position on the issue. ... go to complete original article

Nepal’s Maoist Government Arrests Ethnic Leaders

Mr. Laxman Tharu, the president of Tharu United Struggle Alliance and Rabindra Thing, a member of the Tamsaling Struggle Alliance, were both arrested in charges of disrupting the law and order situation in the country Interestingly, when the Maoists party cadres were organizing a whole day long capital centric rally disrupting the traffic and the public life pressurizing the government to sack the Nepal Army Chief Katawal Tharu United Struggle Alliance and Tamsaling Struggle Alliance have demanded immediate release of both of their leaders. ..statement issued by both groups have threatened that the government will be solely responsible for any undesirable consequences that may emerge after the arrests of the two ethnic leaders. “Now the Maoists party has begun interfering in the inherent rights of the people to protest in addition to their mal-intent to politicize the Army and interfere in the judiciary”, said a Tharu scholar talking to the Telegraph Nepal on condition of anonymity. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Will Not Listen to India: FM Bhattarai

.. Bhattarai, the Finance Minister and Senior Maoist leader who was present in the meeting later told the reporters that “Ambassador Sood during the meeting presented his views, we also forwarded our points, and finally, it is us who will take the final decision.” “He (Sood) said what he had to, we will do what we have to immaterial of what others say”, Bhattarai said adding, “We will sack Katawal, we will not listen to any one as such”. This is the first time that a Nepal Minister has told straight that Nepali affairs will be handled with care by the Nepalese themselves. Similarly, Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Mr. Janardan Sharma Prabhakar talking to reporters made clear that CoAS Katawal need to be sacked to restore peoples’ supremacy in the country. “The Prime Minister is undeterred, the government will sack Katawal”, concluded Mr. Sharma. In the afternoon, Prime Minister Dahal told point blank President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav that “I will sack Katwal come what may”. ... go to complete original article

Nepal: Deepening Crisis

.. Seventhly, the situation though appears calm outwardly, the chances of a coup d’etat of any model remains intact. Eighthly, for example, if the President is excessively forced or say pressed hard to provide legal sanction to Katwal’s sacking then what is also for sure is that the President deserved the legal rights to suspend this government and declare an emergency. Thus the population is in between fear and fire. The panic is there. The proxy war is on. Just guess which country is extending its support to the Maoists and which were against the Maoists? This will provide the required answers. However, what is for sure is that if the Maoists sack the Nepal Army Chief Katwal, the Indian establishment will instantly retaliate. But in what form perhaps former King Gyanendra knows it better. [Indians withdraw sanction of the 12 Point Agreement which re-opens lgitimacy of the monarchy] ... go to complete original article

Prachanda Urges UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal to Support Sacking of Katawal

PM Prachanda asked Khanal to make a decision through standing committee to support the government’s decision to sack the army chief. Defense minister Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ was also present at the meeting between Khanal and PM Dahal. The UML’s standing committee meeting on Sunday had decided the government should not take action against the army chief without a political consensus. UML has proposed making the third-in-line of the army Chhatra Man Singh Gurung the new army chief and have defense minister Ram Bahadur Thapa resign from his post., it is learnt. NC is expected to support this plan and coax the incumbent CoAS Katawal to resign if it works out. Khanal will meet with NC president Girija Prasad Koirala later today with the same agenda. ... go to complete original article

Maoist Secretariat Speaks of Soft Coup

A Maoist leader said the party will, now, not back off even though coalition partner may or may not respond positively. The Maoist Secretariat has, however, decided to attempt for consensus till the end. Emerging from the meeting at the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar, Maoist spokesperson Dinanath Sharma said, “We have decided to move ahead with consensus to maintain civil supremacy.” The source claimed that the meeting concluded to face any situation that may arise after action is taken against CoAS Katawal. Maoist Secretariat member Lilamani Pokharel said that they are aware of the possibility of “soft coup” after the termination. “The news reports about coup were true. We were informed before,” he claimed ... go to complete original article

UML Demands Sacking of Defense Minister Badal

To add, earlier the UML Steering Committee meeting had advised the government to take all parties into confidence prior to sacking the Chief of the Army Staff Mr. Rukmangad Katawal. “The UML is not bound to abide by a decision unilaterally taken by any party, be it a minister or even the prime minister”, said Mr. Ishwar Pokharel the UML general secretary talking to reporters after the meeting. The UML steering committee also decided to forward a proposal to the government stating that if Katawal is to be sacked, Minister for Defense Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal and the Nepal Army Deputy in-command Mr. Kul Bahadur Khadka must also be sacked. ... go to complete original article

PM Dahal: I am Determined to Sack Katawal

Bhattarai has threatened to quit the government if the government failed to penalize Katawal for his misadventure for having challenged the government time and again. “Our party has taken the stand to penalize Katawal to guarantee peoples’ supremacy in a democracy”, said Dr. Bhattarai Speaking at a press meet in Kathmandu, Maoists Central Secretariat member Barsa Man Pun alias Ananata also told the journalists that the Maoists party was ready to quit government if it remained unsuccessful in taming the Chief of the Army Staff. “We will re-establish peoples’ supremacy in the country else we will resign”, said Ananta. Katawal has conspired against the peoples’ elected government, he was trying to rule the country by imposing a coup d’etat, however, the Maoists party is ready to face the adversaries from any quarters, we will tame Katawal at any cost”, Mr. Ananta added. ... go to complete original article

Maoist Secretariat Asks Government to Seek Consensus on Katawal Sacking

The central secretariat of Unified CPN (Maoist) has suggested the government to reach consensus with ruling partners, most importantly the CPN (UML), before taking further decision on the Nepal Army chief Rookmangud Katawal. Speaking to reporters after secretariat meeting, Maoist leader Lilamani Pokharel said that the meeting concluded that the government decision to seek clarification from Katawal for challenging the civilian supremacy was justifiable and that the "foreign intervention" following the clarification episode is a matter of worry. He said the government has been advised to reach an understanding before taking decision on the army chief. Foreign intervention in Nepal's internal matter is totally uncalled for, the Maoist leader said, adding that news reports of a coup planned by the army chief were not entirely false. ... go to complete original article

Dr Ram Baran Yadav Denies He Asked Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal To Not Sack Katawal

In yet another interesting twist to the high-voltage drama, President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has denied that he asked Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal not to sack Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Rookmangud Katawal, claiming that there was nothing regarding the Army chief in his Tuesday's letter to the PM. India was also dragged into the plot. New Delhi, according to the reports, "played a crucial role to establish the link between the army and the president (Dr Ram Baran Yadav)," apparently with the aim of establishing presidential rule. "By Monday... Katawal seemed enthused by a renewed confidence (as) he had received strong backing from India and felt emboldened," the reports said. ... go to complete original article

Maoist Affiliated Union Leaders Say They Are Ready to Capture Army Headquarters

April 22 - The Maoists’ leaders addressing the rallies also demanded immediate resignation from Katwal for his role in murdering the Maoists’ cadres during the revolt and at time of the Peoples’ Uprising-II. Yuba Raj Chaulagai, the vice president of the Maoists’ affiliated Students’ union told the mass that the Maoists are all prepared to capture Nepal Army headquarters if needed to remove Katawal. “We know how to fire bullets, if the Prime Minster orders we will begin fighting instantly”, he added. “Katawal represents the remnants of the former past, to wipe him out we are ready to capture the Army Headquarters even”, Ganesh Regmi General Secretary of the Maoists’ affiliate Trade Union said. Similarly, in the district of Dolpa, on Wednesday, Maoists cadres took to the streets in support of the Maoists’ government to seek clarification from CoAS Katawal. “Down with the royalists….down with the reactionaries…, Katawal resign immediately”, the Maoists cadres were chanting. ... go to complete original article

Oli of UML: Maoists Bought Arms

The United Marxist Leninist influential leader Mr. K.P. Sharma Oli has said that the Maoists’ with the intent to exacerbate the already deteriorating situation in the country were inviting further bloodshed. “I have the information that the Maoists have already in a clandestine manner brought in arms and ammunitions in the country, they are preparing for yet another war”, alleged Mr. Oli. “The Maoists in the government instead of guaranteeing peace and tranquility is preparing for further bloodshed”, said Oli at a press-meet organized at the UML headquarters in Balkhu, Kathmandu, April 21, 2009. Mr. Oli was also of the opinion that the Maoists now see the Nepal Army and Judiciary as the main obstacle to capture the State, thus the unabated attack.” “I appeal the Maoists not to carry on with this dangerous agenda”. “The Maoists’ fresh attack on institution of the Nepal Army is nothing but their inner intent to capture the State.” ... go to complete original article

Nepal President: Government Decision is Unconstitutional

Nepal’s first President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav has expressed his dissatisfaction over the government’s decision to seek clarification from the chief of the Nepal Army Staff Mr. Rookmangad Katawal. As per the Interim Constitution 2063, Nepal’s president is the supreme commander of the Nepal Army. The President on April 21, 2009, in a formal letter sent to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat had expressed his dissatisfaction to seek clarification from Mr. Katawal with the sole intention to release him from the office. “The decision is unconstitutional, illegal and against the peace process”, President’s message reads. “I urge the Prime Minister not to take the decision as it hinders the ongoing peace process and politics of consensus.” ... go to complete original article

Top Maoists in Crucial Meeting

In the wake of mounting international pressure against the possible shacking of Chief of Army Staffs (COAS) Rookmanud Katawal, the Unified CPN (Maoist) leaders are an emergency meeting. Senior leaders of the party Ram Bahadur Thapa, Babu Ram Bhattarai, party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, among others, are participating in the crucial meeting Tuesday evening. Kathmandu-based key foreign missions including that of India, US and UK are learnt to have put pressure on the Maoist-led government not to oust Katawal, cautioning difficult situation ahead if the decision was taken. It is learnt that Maoists are likely to call for an emergency meeting of the council of ministers this evening to take formal decision on assumption that international pressure would increase from tomorrow. Earlier today, the central secretariat meeting of the Maoist had directed government to take decision to strengthen supremacy of civilian government.
... go to complete original article

Dr Bhattarai: We Will Sack Army Chief

“Katawal engaged in activities of challenging even the Peoples’ Supremacy, we had to sack him anyway”, Dr. Bhattarai told the journalists. “However, we are also of the opinion that the entire institution of Nepal Army can not be taken as an evil due to the presence of some rotten eggs”, Dr. Bhattarai added. The Maoist led government had in the morning asked CoAS Katawal to provide his clarification within 24 hours for having ignored the government’s decision. Nevertheless, Nepal’s Minister for Home Affairs Mr. Bam Dev Gautam told the journalists that the decision to seek explanation from CoAS Katawal was not made by the Cabinet. “I am completely unaware of this development” told a completely taken aback Minister Gautam talking to journalist holding a press-conference at the Home Ministry premises today. During the day, Prime Minister Dahal had met with President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav to keep him abreast with the unfolding events in the country more so as regards the national Army. ... go to complete original article

Oli-Koirala Meet on Changing Government

..Oli has stressed the need for the formation of a National Level Government with Nepali Congress also partnering the new government set up.. told this to media after meeting.. Koirala “A national government can only draft the constitution, it is likely that the country will see a political polarization that is dangerous for the country if the National government is not constituted at the earliest”, told Oli to the media. Repots say that both the leaders during the meeting heavily criticized the Maoists’ led government and discussed the possibility of changing the structure of the government. Oli’s meet with Koirala becomes significant as the meeting took place a day after the UML president Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal has left for a weeklong trip to the land of late Chairman Mao. Mr. Jhal Nath Khanal is in favor of continuing with the Maoists led government but Oli and his close colleagues in the UML have been favoring that the new government leadership must come into the UML fold. ... go to complete original article

Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum Requires Federalism

Jay Prakash Prasad Gupta, the Minister for Agriculture and Cooperative has said that his party, the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum will not accept the new constitution without federalism being adopted. Mr. Gupta revealed that the proposed draft of the New Constitution forward by the Nepali Congress, Maoist and the UML parties do not present the basis for the Federal Structure. “Those parties who were in favor of federalism in the past have now taken the opposite stance, foreign and local forces are conspiring to foil the prospect of federalism”, said Minister Gupta. He also outlined the need to sort-out Madhesi issues through a referendum. “The Kathmandu regime has no right to sort out the issues concerning Madhesh and the Madhesi people”, Gupta pointed out. “Some political parties want to divide Madhesh…escalation of the Tharuhat issue is to sideline the genuine concerns of the Madhesis”, concluded Minister Gupta. ... go to complete original article

Matrika Prasad Yadav : No Need for Army Integration

Matrika Prasad Yadav, the leader of the restructured Maoist party has claimed that the new constitution will never be drafted or even if it is drafted, it will not be a pro-people one. “I quit the Maoists party led by Prachanda mainly because Prachanda could no longer carry on with the revolutionary ideologies and principles”, said Matrika adding, Prachanda has turned into a terrified Cat, he keeps on doing meow-meow and visits either Girija Prasad Koirala, the Indian ambassador and Madhav Kumar Nepal.. .. comment on Koirala’s allegation that the Maoists’ party has turned totalitarian, Matrika said “The party that does not have internal democracy has not right or whatsoever to pass such comments”. “I think that there is no need to integrate the Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation Army into the Nepal Army”, said Matrika “The revolution is yet to conclude, in such a situation, the integration of PLA into the Nepal Army-that is primarily the protector of the reactionary forces ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists Favor Federal Democratic Republican Constitution

Narayan Kaji Shrestha, the leader of the United Maoist Party has charged that the politics of consensus was broken time and again by the Nepali Congress and the United Marxist Leninist Party “The UML and the Nepali Congress disfavoring the integration of the Maoists’ PLA and the Nepal Army have broken the politics of consensus”, said Mr. Shrestha Mr. Shreshta made it clear that the United Maoist Party was not in favor of the traditional Parliamentary System of Democracy, rather he said, “Our struggle will continue until we guarantee peoples’ oriented National Federal Republic from the Consistent Assembly.” He also claimed that foreign and local reactionary forces were trying to impede Nepal from having a unique and sovereign constitution.. Mr. Krishna Bahadur Mahara- minister for information and communications and a Maoist Leader claimed that the foreign power centers were trying to establish the bourgeois system of parliamentary democracy similar to the 1990 Constitution. ... go to complete original article

Approaching Crises for Nepal

Thus the meet of the Army men in Kathmandu though has been described as a routine one but high placed sources say that the Army men converged in Kathmandu under the instructions of some powerful centers, both within and without, the aim of which is at least to send signals to the Maoist quarters that should the situation so demanded the Nepal Army too could jump into the national politics. Analysts advise the Army men to keep restraint for obvious reasons. .. will the domestic and the international forces recognize such an adventure of the Nepal Army? This is a big question indeed.recognition must come from the Indian quarters and then the US. Since India is engaged currently in polls and thus the Indian recognition to such an adventure from the Army will take some time. And the US will not recognize this army move unless it receives proper sanction from India. Thus to conclude that the US looks into Nepal affairs through the Indian eyes will not be an exaggeration. This is a fact. ... go to complete original article

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Restive Nepal Army Top-Hats Engaged in Serious Meeting

April 13 - “Neither defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal nor the Defense secretary have been invited”, sources disclose.

“Traditionally, such a meeting would have seen the presence of Defense Minister and the Defense secretary”, source adds. The meeting prior to its conclusion on April 13, 2009 will discuss fresh attacks on the institution of army coming as it does from various political quarters including that of the government itself.

First, all six commanders will present their opinion on the present geo-political situation of the country followed by their views on fresh attacks on the institution of Nepal Army, later the Headquarter will sum up their views to devise immediate strategies for the Nepal Army”, the report adds. “The serious issue of concern will be to analyze the attack on Nepal Army by the government and to tell the government that the Nepal Army is a State organ not the enemy of the government”, report concludes. The source, however, remained tight lipped when asked as to where the final conclusion compiled by the National Army will be submitted? ... go to complete original article

Nepal FM Bhattarai Challenges Supreme Court to Put Him Behind Bars

April 12 -Nepal’s Minister for Finance Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai in a threat loaded statement made against the Supreme Court of Nepal has challenged the apex-court to put him behind the bars if it has the courage. An enraged Dr. Bhattarai was criticizing the Supreme Court for seeking written explanation in the case of Contempt Of Court filed against six Maoists leaders. “We are ready to fight with anyone who dare go against our government”, declared Bhattarai. “If we can not criticize the system of judiciary then it is no democracy at all” Bhattarai said adding, “the judges must also be selected by the people.” Criticizing the UML said Dr. Bhattarai we are currently witnessing abnormal situation, those who are in the government are also trying their best to derail the government”. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists’ and Matrika Faction Direct Guns at Each Other

April 9 - Nepal Maoists’ and Matrika faction direct guns at each other The cadres of the restructured Maoists’ Party led by Matrika Yadav and the United Maoist Party led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal exchanged fires in the district of Morang Wednesday April 8, 2009, injuring more than twenty people in the near to a fierce battle event. This created panic in Biratnagar. “the United Maoist Party cadres who came in a Car had threatened a by-election candidate of Maoist Party (Matrika faction), the Maoist cadres in retaliation set ablaze the vehicle used by the other faction”. around mid-night the United Maoist party cadres came in a group and thus the situation got uncontrolled…both sides exchanged fires”, reports quoting local police source say. Bijay Kamat the by-election candidate of Maoist Party (Matrika faction), organizing a press-meet declared that 3 cadres were seriously injured and 15 other incurred minor bullet injuries. ... go to complete original article

Growing Anarchy Due to Nepal Home Minister’s Inability: Gajurel

Chandra Prakash Gajurel- a senior Maoist party leader- has summarily blamed the incumbent Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam to have failed to provide adequate security which had resulted in the increasing anarchy in the country of late. “The confusion that prevails at the moment in the country is due to his sheer inability to arrest the growing anarchy in the country”, Gajurel stated. Minister Gautam represents the United Marxists-Leninists party in the government and perhaps it is for the first time that some high ranking Maoist leader has taken him to task. Except for Minister Gautam, the rest of his colleagues in the party-the UML-have made it a point to deride at the Maoists day in day out. Generally speaking, analysts presume, Minister Gautam’s political allegiance remains divided: the first half goes to the party he represents and the other half to the government which has elevated Mr. Gautam to present day rank. ... go to complete original article

PM Prachanda Vows to Take Peace Process to Logical Conclusion

April 6, 2009 PM Prachanda vows to take peace process to 'logical conclusion, intensifies parleys to find consensus Prime Minister Prachanda on Monday renewed his commitment to take the constitution drafting and the peace process into a "logical conclusion" under any circumstances, adding that for this integration and rehabilitation of the former Maoist combatants is a main pre-requisite. Prime Minister and Maoist chairman Prachanda waves to supporters at ... Addressing a mass meet organised by the Unified CPN (Maoist) at the Open Air Theatre of the capital city to commemorate the popular movement of 1990, PM Prachanda, who is also its chairman, said that those who oppose army integration are not "true democrats". Main opposition Nepali Congress and top coalition leaders argue that the integration of Maoist combatants into the Nepal Army will not be in the best interest of the country, even warning that it will lead to civil strife. ... go to complete original article

UML Utility in Nepal Maoist Government Over

".. we began criticizing the government though we are also in the government”, Mr. Khanal added while addressing a gathering in Kathmandu, Saturday April 4, 2009. Khanal opined that lasting peace can only be reached after the integration and rehabilitation of the Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation Army. Yet another UML leader, K.P. Oli says the continuing erratic behaviors of the Maoists is forcing his party whether or not to quit the government structure. Mr. Oli is considered to be a very sharp critique of the Maoists. Similarly, Bidya Bhandari of the UML too concludes that the utility of the UML being in the Maoist government has come to an end and thus the party should pull out its ministers at the earliest. However, the UML President, Mr. Khanal is playing double, say analysts, as he is with his party men when they cry against the Maoists and can’t leave the Maoists in the mid ocean as he managed his victory for the post of the UML Presidency through the kind courtesy of the Maoists. ... go to complete original article

Nepal’s Sovereign Citizens Can Criticize State Organs: Badal

“In the current transitional period, reactionaries, status-quoists, anarchists and those who want to see Nepal become a failed state have become very active”. These are the words of Defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal a Maoists’ central Committee member while talking to journalists at a program organized by the Revolutionary Journalist Organization, Birtamod of Jhapa District, Friday April 3, 2009. “Nepal is currently undergoing a Republican transitional period, we will overcome this difficult period and institutionalize the newly found republican order”, he told the journalists. Mr. Thapa added, “Nepali people have their inherent right to criticize, no matter whether it is judiciary or legislative or even the executive, no one can stop them from criticizing any decision that is not in their favor”. “The sovereign citizens of this country are above Judiciary, Legislative and Executive, they are even higher than the Constitution”, said Mr. Badal ... go to complete original article

Army Integration Will Complete Within Stipulated Time: Defense Minister

Speaking to reporters at Biratnagar airport, Thapa said the AISC is doing homework to ensure that the integration process completes within the stipulated time (three months). The Defence Minister's comment contradicts the views of the members of the technical committee, which works under the AISC, that completing army integration in three months would not be possible. Meanwhile, Defence Minister Thapa, who was at the centre of controversy after he refused to extend the terms of eight Nepal Army Brigadier Generals, has defended his decision. He said in Biratnagar that the decision to give retirement to the Generals was within the legal parameter and that he was optimistic that the "court will uphold the authority of the ministry". ... go to complete original article

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