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June Maobadi Bookmarks


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No Compromise on Nepal’s Nationalism: Gajurel

“It is now time that the common citizen be militarily trained who in turn could safeguard the national independence”, opined Gajurel. Gajurel saw the need, as he puts it, “the unity among the entire nationalist forces scattered in different political paraphernalia has now become urgent”. “For this we need to come under one Front”, he elaborated. According to Gajurel, the “Maoists yesterday did not compromise on Nepal’s nationalism nor will do so tomorrow”. Gajurel says, “Now it was the opportune moment to expose the pseudo nationalists by making the real nationalists, patriots and the left forces to come under one umbrella in the name of the nation”. The noted border expert, Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha cautioned the government not to get carried away by the Indian regime’s freshly sketched rough and fake Nepal-India border demarcation map which the Indian side wants Nepal to approve while the Nepal Prime Minister will shortly be in Delhi. ... go to complete original article

Party Weak and Loosing Grassroot Support: Maoists PB Members

Ten Maoists’ PB members had ventilated their views on Wednesday. Lila Mani Pokharel, Amik Serchan, Dina Nath Sharma, Hisila Yami, Devendra Poudel, Agni Sapkota, Ram Karki, Haribol Gajurel, Gopal Kirati and Shakti Basnet had made their remarks at the PB meet. Mr. Poudel insisted that unity with the nationalists and leftists should be accorded top priority than mulling over the formation of the National Government, which he said, could help build firm foundation for yet another revolt. Haribol Gajurel, Gopal Kirati, Dina Nath Sharma and Agni Sapkota told the party chairman point blank that the erstwhile Maoists led government under his command was a total failure. “If not addressed immediately, the Maoists party will soon see the fate of the parliamentary parties”, the Politburo members said. “The proposal needs to be amended and the Chairman needs to re-clarify his position over the formation of the National Government” ... go to complete original article

Nepal’s Kiran: New Uprising Urgently Needed

Mr. Baidya made these remarks talking to journalists on Tuesday June 23, 2009. “The deadlock must come to an end through the third peoples’ revolt and ultimately to form the National Government, said Kiran.. “The Imperialists and Expansionists foreign powers have provided this puppet government a shape under the command of Madhav Kumar Nepal”, said Kiran adding that the formation of the puppet government is against the mandate of the Nepali population. “The Maoists’ led revolt is yet incomplete…the next revolt will ensure Peoples’ Republican order and safeguard Nepal’s unique identity”, Kiran also said. To add, in the ongoing Maoists’ politburo meeting, Maoists leaders C.P. Gajurel, Netra Bikram Chand and Dev Gurung have stood in favor of Mr. Baidya’s line. ... go to complete original article

Intl. Atmosphere Conducive to Initiate Revolt in Nepal: Badal

Mr. Badal who is considered close to Mr. Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran, a hardliner in the party, has been toeing a middle path demanding both Dahal and Baidya to exhibit restraint. Badal also said that the time was opportune to initiate yet another revolt. “Local and international atmosphere have become conducive to initiate a revolt in Nepal”, Badal is quoted as saying. Mr. Badal also urged Party Chairman Dahal to collect views from the party leadership and effect necessary changes in his proposal submitted at the PB meeting some days back. Dahal’s proposal favors peaceful path to pressurize President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and also for the formation of the Maoists’ led government, whereas Baidya sees the need for a revolt to form the next government under Maoists’ command. since India was behind the fall of the erstwhile Maoists’ led government, the party should make special moves to unite the Nationalists scattered in various groups and form a National Government. ... go to complete original article

Baidya and Dahal Confront Over Maoist Future Strategy

Party Chairman Dahal favors peaceful path to pressurize President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav to restore peoples’ supremacy and form a National Government to draft the constitution on time and bring positive conclusion to the peace process. Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and Narayan Kaji Shrestha Prakash support Dahal’s proposal. However, Mohan Baidya Kiran favors revolt to restore peoples’ supremacy. Dahal’s proposal is incomplete, is how Baidya and his ilk criticized Dahal’s proposal. Mr. Baidya even threatened to write a note of dissent if the proposal does not include the path of revolt. “In an indirect manner Baidya is in favor of preparing for a revolt”, a Maoist politburo Committee member told Kantipur dated June 21, 2009. Chairman Dahal made it clear that he will not lead the government until he is the Maoists’ party chief. “The party’s top leadership will not become a part of the government as it had been in the past”, said Dahal addressing the politburo meeting ... go to complete original article

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Upendra Yadav Elected MJF PP Leader

Yadav was elected the party PP leader unopposed after the post of PP leader became vacant following Gachhadar's oust after he decided to join the government in his leadership going against the party's decision. After being elected at the PP leader, leader Yadav accused that some of the lawmakers took Gachhadar's side allured by the charm to become minister well-off. He also said that his party would agitate from the streets and the parliament to press for implementation of the agreement signed by the government with Madhesi alliance in the past including the demand for an independent one Madhesh and the Former foreign minister Yadav warned to launch 3rd Madhesh movement if their demands are not met. ... go to complete original article

Maoists Finalize Party's Draft for New Constitution

The ongoing politburo meeting of the main opposition Unified CPN (Maoist) passed the draft of the new constitution proposed by the party Friday. The draft also proposes executive president while the prime minister will have some powers to maintain check and balance in the executive. According to the draft, the Prime minister will be elected from the parliament while president will be elected directly. The draft also proposes 'powerful parliament' which has been named as 'People's House of Representatives'. The Nepali Congress, UML and other parties have been advocating for ceremonial president and executive prime minister elected by the parliament, much like existing one. In the draft the Maoist party has proposed mixed election system in order to ensure representation of different sections of the society. The draft was prepared by a committee headed by senior leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai ... go to complete original article

Maoist Disrupt Nepal CA Proceedings

C.P. Gajurel, a senior Maoist leader speaking at the Zero Hour of the Constituent Assembly said that the Daura-Suruwal attired Prime Minister Madav Kumar Nepal was hell bent on establishing Nepal Army’s Supremacy over the People’s Supremacy. “The Government’s fresh decisions are all against the country and the republican order”, said Mr. Gajurel. Mr. Gajurel and the other Maoists CA members were concerned over the government’s act to nullify the Prachanda government decision to sack Army Chief Katawal. “The country is being attacked by the Indian Security forces, Nepali lands are ever shrinking, our mothers and sisters are being raped, our brothers are being thrashed by the Indians but the present government is tightlipped”, said Gajurel adding, “The government is only concerned over catapulting the erstwhile Maoists government decision.” ... go to complete original article

SC Show Cause on Generals

June 10 - The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a show cause notice to the government asking why it decided to extend the tenure of eight Army generals. A single bench of Justice Rana Bahadur Bom issued the notice in response to a public interest litigation filed on Sunday challenging the June 5 decision of the government to extend the term of the eight Army generals who were pensioned off by the Maoist-led government. In his litigation, Raju Thapa had argued that the government decision should be stayed for two reasons: it was a sub-judice case and it was unconstitutional decision as the decision violated the Article 43 of Interim Constitution, which states that the government has to function based on consensus among the major political parties, including the UCPN (Maoist). ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists Prepare for Final Battle with Counter Revolutionaries

“With my resignation from the post of the prime minister, the new ruling coalition is likely to hinder the constitution drafting process and also the positive conclusion of the peace process, which is ultimately inviting the inevitable clash between the revolutionaries and the counter-revolutionaries”.. is finalizing the draft of the Maoists strategy adopted by the Kharipati meeting, our strategy is to reach the target of Peoples’ Republic, which will be achieved with the defeat of the counter revolutionary forces”.. will present the party future strategy in the politburo meeting set to begin June 11, 2009, He holds regular talks with senior Maoists leaders like Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Netra Bikram Chand to make the party strategy more matured and comprehensive.. met with the Chief of the UNMIN Ms. Karin Landgren in Naya Bazaar. The UNMIN is being continuously alleged as a Maoist friendly UN organization in Nepal. ... go to complete original article

MJF Kicks Out Gachhadhar; Withdraws Support to UML Govt

Maoist leaders Mohan Vaidya, Dinanath Sharma and Barsa Man Pun responsibile for the unification held discussion with the CPN -ML Revolutionary (MLR) leaders at party headquarters Buddhanagar this morning. At the meeting, the leaders decided to formally declare the unification with the MLR on June 9. Prior to the unification, a four-member taskforce has been formed for the preparation and oraganisational working division, Maoist spokesperson Dinanath Sharma informed. The taskforce comprises Sharma, Pun, MLR leaders Keshab Raj Nepal and Padam Bhandari. Earlier, Ram Acharya, Dinesh Panthi, among over a dozen central members had left CP Mainali-led ML and formed the revolutionary party. The CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Ekata Kendra Masal) had united on Jan 13 and adopted Unified CPN (Maoist) as the new name following the unification. ... go to complete original article

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