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March Nepal Maoism Bookmarks


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'Army, Judiciary pose serious threat to Republican Order'

March 29 - Finance Minister Baburam Bhattarai: "..most of the State Organs have since then adopted to the democratic principles but yet the Army and the Judiciary have yet to accept.. changes taking place in the country”.. particularly concerned over the fresh Supreme Court’s decision to halt the retirement of the Nepal Army Generals. “Most of the supreme court judges were appointed by the former king and the decision they made are in favor of those corrupt Nepal Army Generals who had objected to the Republic declaration.. “The Eight Generals are royalists, thus it is not needed to extend their tenure in office” The recent Stay Order served by the Apex Court does not in any way mean the Generals have been told to occupy their former posts. Stay Order means that the particular case is kept on hold until another verdict. Dr. Bhattarai perhaps should understand the language of the Court. But the Army head quarters, as per Dr. Bhattarai’s claim, has already asked the retired generals to occupy their respective posts. ... go to complete original article

Bhattarai: On a Legal System That Backs Reactionary Generals

March 30 - Bhattarai: On a Legal System That Backs Reactionary Generals Posted by n3wday on March 29, 2009 Baburam_Bhattarai_UCPN_Maoist_NepalThis article was posted on Democracy and Class Struggle. Senior leader of the Unified CPN (Maoist) and Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has warned failure to democratise judiciary and the army could jeopardize the republic set up of Nepal. Speaking at a programme organised by his party in Parvat Saturday, Bhattarai said many senior army officials still have a soft corner for monarchy. We tried to relieve unscrupulous royalist generals, but they got themselves reinstated by taking the judiciary in their hands, Annapurna Post quoted him as saying. The judiciary is rolling back all our decisions, which shows there is politics involved even in Judiciary, Bhattarai added. There is nobody above the people in democracy. Army and judiciary should be democratised so that people have control over them, he said. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists To Revolt If Pushed To Wall: FM Bhattarai

March 30 - Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, the Minister for Finance..“The UML that sans ideological theories has become now impotent”.. making a threatening remark also said that if the Maoists’ party is forced out of the government, the Maoists will not have any option left than to halt the peace process and take on the path of yet another revolt. “The UML is trying to use the Butwal episode as a vendetta against our party, if the UML quits the government, will force us to wage yet another revolt”... said that a baseless party with no public support does not deserve to lead so many ministries including the ministry of home affairs. “Restructuring of the judicial system is the most important part of institutionalizing the newly found republican order” Bhattarai said adding, “The republican order will continue to face threats from judiciary if not restructured” “The government will immediately forward a proposal in the constituent assembly to restructure the judicial system”, informed Dr. Bhattarai. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Awaits Dictatorial Regime: Koirala

March 31 - The Nepali Congress President Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala has said that a nouveau dictatorial regime was already in the offing for this new republican State. “The Maoists’ led government is already in the course of imposing a dictatorial rule in the country”, said Koirala talking to journalists in Kathmandu. “The fresh Maoist attack on the system of Judiciary and the Nepal Army does tell that they are proceeding towards a dictatorial rule”. Koirala urging the journalists to stop the prevailing anarchy said, “If you do not stop the anarchy, then the country will soon be declared a failed one.” Responding to a query Koirala added, “All the democratic minded political parties must form a democratic front to challenge the Maoists’ dictatorship, but I still do not see the need for forming a broader democratic alliance.” ... go to complete original article

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Nepal Maoists' CA Members Told to Exhibit Restraint

March 29 - PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal prior to his departure to Norway and Finland Saturday, March 28, 2009, requested the United Maoists’ Party CA members to exhibit restrained behavior during the Winter Session of the Constituent Assembly while he will be out of the country for a week.. “The Ordinances brought in by the government are in favor of the people, I do not think that the CA proceedings will be halted due to those Ordinances”, hoped the PM. “The government had earlier brought in three Ordinances related to inclusiveness, disappeared people and updating the voter list…I do not see differences over the issues as such, the government stands firm in favor of the people” added the Prime Minister.. “My main agenda would be to discuss the prospects of Wind Energy and Hydro Energy in Norway” “I asked our CA members to act in a mannered way and exhibit utmost restrained behavior”, said the Prime Minister. The namesake Winter Session of the constituent assembly is to begin today March 29, 2009. ... go to complete original article

UML Leaders Threaten to Quit Nepal Government

March 28 - Annoyed UML leaders threaten to quit Nepal government TGW One of the major coalition partners of the Maoists’-led government, the Nepal Communist Party United Marxist Leninists, UML, has summarily threatened to quit the government. The UML submitted a memorandum to the Chairman of the Maoists party and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Friday late evening, March 27, 2009, in Baluatar demanding immediate acceptance of the Maoists’ past commitments and also to stop criminal activities being carried out by the Maoists’ cadres. The UML statement came a day after a UML cadre in Butwal, Rupandehi district was brutally killed after succumbing to bullet injuries. ... go to complete original article

New land revolution in offing: Nepal PM Dahal

March 28 - New land revolution in offing: Nepal PM Dahal TGW Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that with the institution of monarchy uprooted, the Maoists’ will now focus in the Land Revolution. “The Government is totally committed to end the feudal ownership in the cultivable lands…we will soon launch a scientific land reform wherein the poor farmers will have their ownership in the lands.” “Revolution in the land sector and scientific agriculture can change the face of the nation”, opined the Communist prime minister of Nepal. “Unless the workers, farmers and the downtrodden can feel the change, the newly established republican order cannot be institutionalized”. The Prime Minister made these remarks at the opening of the High Level Land Reform Commission in Kathmandu, March 27, 2009. “We are already in the course of building a new Nepal but we have a long way to go to build the New Nepal that we have dreamt of”, he added. ... go to complete original article

Apex Court Decision Aids Reactionary Elements: Nepal FM Bhattarai

March 27 - “The Supreme Court’s decision is a conspiracy to stop the forward-looking activities of the government and in essence aimed at supporting the reactionary forces”, said Dr. Bhattarai talking to journalists in Simra of Bara District, March 26, 2009. Dr. Bhattarai hinting that the Supreme Court has made an undemocratic decision further said “all the organs of the State are yet to be democratized (Lokatantrik).” “Including the government officials and administration, there are remnants of feudalism every where, the Supreme Court’s decision is the fresh move of the reactionaries”. “We will soon wipe out the remnants of feudal elements from the State Organs”, Dr. Bhattarai added. ... go to complete original article

Nepal: Cabinet Expanded, Dalit and Tharu Ministers Inducted

March 26 - Nepal: Cabinet expanded, Dalit and Tharu ministers inducted TGW Nepal's Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has expanded his cabinet with the induction two ministers in the government. Mahendra Paswan-representing the Madhesi-Dalit community will head the ministry of Land Reform and Ram Charan Chaudhary, representing the Tharu Community will be leading the Ministry of Women, Children and Social welfare. Both Paswan and Chaudhary are the Maoists’ central committee members and the Consistent Assembly Ministers as well. ... go to complete original article

The photo here is from facebook friend Ben Peterson now in Nepal and is taken at a Maoist cantonment. He titles it "History of Shaving". The articles immediately below are a selection from March 26 wherein the primary issue at this point in time continues to be the struggle between the Maoists and reactionary forces over the forced retirement of NA generals:

Decision to Retire Army Generals, Nepal Govt Prerogative’

“The decision to Retire Eight Nepal Army Brigadier Generals is the prerogative of the Government of Nepal”, the Ministry of Defense application filed at the Supreme Court on March 25, 2009 at the Supreme Court reads. The Defense Ministry had filed the application demanding the termination of the Stay-Order issued by the Supreme Court just a day ahead against the United Maoist-led government’s decision to force retirement of the Nepal Army Brigadier Generals. “The Government has forwarded the Clause 17-3 of the Nepal Army Act-2063 which allows the government to take such a decision”. “Thus the decision taken by the government is a legal one”, the defense Ministry application further reads. In the mean time, the Nepal Army Headquarters referring to the Stay Order notice by the Supreme Court has asked the retired generals to continue their work in office. ... go to complete original article

Attack on Nepal Judiciary: NC Protest Maoist Highhandedness

“The Maoists play double, Prime Minister Dahal on the one hand commits himself to the democratic order and independence of the judiciary, but on the other, his erratic cadres protest against the Supreme court’s decision” said Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat, the NC leader, while commenting on the protest program of the United Maoist party against the Stay-Order notice issued by the Supreme Court against the government’s decision made to the force retirement of the Eight Nepal Army Brigadier Generals. “The filthy words and threatening remarks that were made by the Maoists leaders against the Supreme Court are highly objectionable and unacceptable, said Dr. Mahat adding, “The Maoists are pushing the country towards a dangerous point.” ... go to complete original article

Maoists Wrath Against Nepal Judiciary

Ganesh Man Pun- the YCL President addressing the meet said that the Institution of Nepal Army was virtually running under the command of some invisible forces but it was not under the supervision of the Government of Nepal. “The Supreme Court’s decision is against the spirit of the Republican order, anti-national, thus the SC must retract the decision”, opined Mr. Pun. “The Supreme Court judge feared the possible wrath of the Nepal Army and thus made the decision in favor of the Army”, he added. “The Supreme Court has served the followers of former King Gyanendra”, said Pun adding, “Making the decision in favor of the reactionaries, the SC has proved that it was a feudal institution.” “The judiciary must come under the jurisdiction of the common people, if not, the Maoists are totally committed to run a parallel judiciary that will be under the peoples’ command”, Pun threatened. ... go to complete original article

The following two news items concern the continuing key issue of integration of the National Army of Nepal(former Royal Army) with the Maoist Peoples Liberation Army - listed most recent first:

Supreme Court Orders the Government to Reinstate Generals of the Nepal Army

March 25 - Failing to get their term extended, the army officials reached Supreme Court on Sunday saying that government decision was illegal.. says the government decision not to the extend terms for the army generals did not complete legal procedures. The order would remain as final verdict of the court unless government supplies sufficient reasons to prove that its decision completed all legal procedures.. [Democracy and Class Struggle (who posted the news item) says now the Judiciary has weighed in against the UCPN Maoist led Government in support of the Nepal Army and against the Ministry of Defense. The Judiciary the Nepal Army and the Bureaucratic apparatus of The Nepali State are throwing down challenges to the Maoist led government and Koirala is ratcheting up the anti Maoist rhetoric - it is time for the UCPN Maoist to seize the initiative and smash this rotten Nepali State apparatus before it destroys them and their government.] ... go to complete original article

PM Prachanda Says Army Integration Complete in Four Months

March 23 - Prime Minister Prachanda said on Monday that integration and rehabilitation of the Maoist People's Liberation Army (PLA) would be completed in four months. PM Prachanda , who heads the army integration special committee (AISC), said this during a meeting with US ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J. Powell. During the meeting at the PMO, the US ambassador is known to have queried if army integration would complete when the renewed term of United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) expires, in four months. Constitution-drafting process and the ongoing dispute over the retirement of eight Nepal Army Generals also figured during the meeting. Meanwhile, a meeting of the AISC today discussed the army integration issue, but no formal decision was taken. The meeting also discussed matters concerning the technical committee that would be formed to assist the AISC, according to Mohammad Habibullah, a Madhesi Janadhikar Forum leader and AISC member. ... go to complete original article

Telegraph Nepal : Nepali Congress is a disgraced party: Nepal FM

March 22 -“The UML in government does not want the government to execute people oriented programs and policies”, blamed Dr. Bhattarai adding, “their New Delhi mentors have told them to hinder the government’s activities while being in the government”. “King Gyanendra, NC president Koirala and the UML leader K.P. Sharma Oli had asked for New Delhi’s support to derail the Maoists’ government, however, they were instead advised by their masters to become a part of the government but while creating hindrances for the government”. “The Nepali Congress is a disgraceful party, it does not know any thing else than criticizing others, however, it is of great surprise that the UML which is also in government is ridiculing the government’s decision”, said Dr. Bhattarai referring to the fresh government’s decision to reject the NA proposal for prolonging the term of Nepal Army generals. “Our intention is clear, we would like to elevate qualified officers in the Nepal Army to hold higher posts” ... go to complete original article

Refrain From Destabilizing Government: Nepal PM

March 21 - Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the cabinet will be expanded within a week time. “We will soon see new ministers and assistant ministers in our cabinet that will mostly represent the marginalized and dalit communities of the country”, said Dahal addressing a program organized to celebrate “44th Stop Racial Discrimination” Day in Kathmandu, Saturday March 21, 2009. “We are totally committed to draft world’s best people’s constitution for Nepal, we will address all the demands raised by different communities and include them in the constitution”, said the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Dahal also said that likelihood of the Nepali Congress party becoming a part of the government has also increased. “After my last meeting with the NC president Koirala, we are hopeful that the NC too will join the cabinet sooner than later”, PM Added. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoist PLA Men in Development Activities

March 20 - Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal has provided a clear nod to the Maoists’ PLA extreme desire to get involved in the development activities. The Maoists’ PLA are languishing in several cantonments across the country for over two years and a half.“In the beginning, the PLA will involve itself in the development of Road Infrastructure mainly, in the vicinity of seven cantonments”, reports say. “We are advising the government to use the youth power, they should not be kept in the captivity for long”, he adds. “The Prime Minister has told us to forward a proposal with the total budget plan, we are currently involved in this”, says Mr. Tej Bahadur Oli- the sixth division commander. “We would like to contribute in the nation-building process, we have also asked the Prime Minister to use the Nepal Army in the development activities in an effective manner, he has been very positive”, Mr. Oli said talking to a vernacular daily. ... go to complete original article

Nepal: The PLA Continues Recruitment!

March 19 - Flouting Supreme Court’s interim order to stop its recruitment process, People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the military wing of the ruling Unified CPN (Maoist), has decided to go ahead with its earlier decision to fill up the position that had, according to it, become vacant after the verification team of United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) disqualified many of its combatants mostly because they were underage. A “General Staff” meeting of the PLA held in Kathmandu Saturday decided to go about the decision on the basis of the applications for “vacant positions” it received before the SC issued an interim order against PLA recruitment saying it goes against the Comprehensive Peace Accord. Likewise, both the government led by the Maoists and the Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) under whose jurisdiction the PLA comes have already ordered immediate halt to the PLA recruitment process. ... go to complete original article

Nepal PM endorses Defense Ministry decision

March 19 - Government of Nepal is yet to formally reject the Nepal Army request made more than a month back, to prolong their terms of service by three years. The Maoists’ Prime Minister of Nepal had arrived at Koirala residence in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, early hours, Thursday March 19, 2009. Sources reveal that the prime minister virtually snubbed Koirala for making irrelevant comments as regards the retirement of the Nepal Army Generals and also blamed him for trying to politicize the issue unnecesarily. Koirala has been instead blaming the Maoists for trying to demoralize the Army and also politicizing the institution. Other political parties, save the maoists, too have joined the Koirala's stance over the issue of the army general retirement. “The decision taken by the Ministry of Defense will not be revoked come what may”, is what Prime Minister Dahal told point blank to Koirala. ... go to complete original article

Maoists Unveil New Proposed Constitution for Nepal

March 18 - Dr Baburam Bhattarai, who heads a committee formed by his party, Unified CPN (Maoist), for determining the party’s vision on democracy has unveiled the party’s draft proposal through his personal website. The Maoists’ draft maintains liberal stance on fundamental rights of the people such as freedom of expression, right to form political parties, right to assembly, among others. The draft divided into 21 parts and 145 articles authorises the state governments to form paramilitary force or militia but the national army would be formed after integration between the People’s Liberation Army and Nepal Army. The party has proposed an Audit Commission as the highest auditing body of the country in place of the Office of the Auditor General. The Women’s Commission and Dalit Commission as the constitutional bodies of the country have been removed and three new commissions have been proposed - inclusion commission, development commission and inter-state relation commission. ... go to complete original article

March 16 - (Photo Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda") The following news items came in today in the following sequence:

Tensions High Following Government Refusal to Nepal Army Request

With Nepal’s Supreme Court legitimizing fresh recruitment carried by the Nepal Army, it was the turn of Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal the Maoists’ Minister for defense to take the revenge against the Nepal Army Chief Rookmangad Katawal. Which, he did so, by refusing to prolong the term of eight Nepal Army Brigadier Generals- who were considered to be close to Mr. Rookmangad Katawal. The Nepal Army headquarters had sent a request letter to the government demanding extension of the tenure of the eight generals for more three years, which was summarily rejected by the Ministry of Defense. Ramindra Chhetri, the NA spokesperson described Rookmangad Katawal’s immediate call to President Ram Baran Yadav, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Defense Minister Badal on Tuesday March 16, 2009, a routine one, but sources say that during his separate meetings with the three stalwarts, Mr. Katawal expressed his utter displeasure over the fresh act of the Ministry of Defense. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists' Party Okays Government Decision on Army Retirement

The United Maoists’ Party has supported Nepal Government’s decision not to prolong the term of eight Nepal Army generals. The Maoists’ party top-hats held a meeting at Prime Minister’s residence in Baluatar on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, evening. The meeting also criticized the stand taken by coalition partner-the UML and the main opposition- Nepali Congress over the issue. “The decision was not taken in a haste, we had discussed this issue in advance, thus the government will not retract from the decision”, said Mr. Mohan Baidya Kiran, a Maoists senior leader later talking to reporters. In the mean time, the Nepali Congress and the UML has intensified its criticism against the decision made by the Maoists led government which only the other day sacked some eight functioning and experienced Brigadier generals. ... go to complete original article

Merge PLA-Nepal Army Soon: PLA Commanders

The Commanders of the Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) who have gathered in the capital Kathmandu threatened that further delay in the integration of Maoists combatants into the Nepal Army will break the patience of the PLA men. In the ongoing meeting, there is the presence of Maoists’ PLA Commanders and Deputy Commanders from all seven cantonments spread across the country. “The PLA must be integrated into the Nepal Army to boost their waning morale”, the PLA commanders said, say reports. “We request the Special committee for Army Integration to initiate the Nepal Army –Maoists PLA merger at the earliest”, the speakers also demanded. Attending the program, the Commander of the Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation Army Mr. Nanda Kishor Pun alias Pasang had said that the fresh decision of the Supreme Court of Nepal legitimizing fresh recruitment carried out by the Nepal Army has side by side legitimized the PLA recruitment as well. ... go to complete original article

Govt-Tharu Representatives Sign Six Point Pact; Tharu Agitation Withdrawn

March 15 - PM Prachanda attends. talks ending with a proposal to amend the constitution to address the demands of the agitating Tharu community along with other ethnic groups. Tharu organisations and other ethnic communities supporting the agitation have called off all programmes of agitation with the agreement. A general strike called by the Muslim community has also been called off. According to the agreement, the government will declare four cadres killed during the agitation as martyrs, bear the cost of treatment of those injured and release all cadres arrested in connection with the agitation. Chairman of Tharuhat Struggle Committee Laxman Tharu, General Secretary of Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha Raj Kumar Lekhi, Babu Ram Chaudhary from Nepal Loktantrik Tharu Sangh, Indrajeet Chaudhary from Tharu Rastriya Mukti Morcha and chairman Janajati Mahasangh Pasang Sherpa on behalf of the agitators and peace minister Janardan Sharma on behalf of the government have signed the agreement. ... go to complete original article

Nepal: War for Peace « Revolution in South Asia

March 12 (Originally published March 8) - PLA will not be directly under the Unified CPN (Maoist) here after. Unified Maoist has a new responsibility to legalize and fuse PLA by bringing it under Army Integration Special Committee (AISC). He added, “PLA will be directly under the leadership of AISC. Theoretically, PLA is already under it. We will be connected for a long time contemplatively that is another thing. However, PLA will not be under unified CPN (Maoist) anymore, morally and theoretically.” Because of the changed situation, the changed role and the responsibility of PLA should be ready to guarantee the victory of struggle for peace. For that, premier Prachanda has stressed, “PLA should follow and implement the directives of AISC unconditionally.” There are many challenges in front of the Maoist-led government to write new constitution on time. Criminal elements and gangsters are trying to spread the communal violence all over the country. ... go to complete original article

Revolutionary Land Reform: Essence and Aim « Revolution in South Asia

March 12 (Originally published March 7) - Krishna Das Shrestha - As said above, to abolish feudal land ownership is the foremost and primary task to be done in the economic sector, whether land reform program is revolutionary or not must be judged on the basis of the commission’s policy towards the task and of its manner of implementing the policy. The main policy of the revolutionary land reform is “land to the tillers”. Therefore, the reform program must be guided by the real sense and spirit of that principle. A truly revolutionary program must set itself to accomplish the following tasks: •The confiscation of land property of the feudal lords without compensation and the transfer it to the tillers and poor peasants. •The abolition of debt taken by the peasants from the landlords, usurers, banks etc. •The emancipation of the peasants from all kinds of feudal exploitation and expression. •Gratis distribution of cultivable follow land to the landless and poor peasants. ... go to complete original article

Major Seven Parties Reach Agreement to Address Tharu Demands

March 11 - (Photo: Maoist Minister for Law and Justice Dev Gurung) The major seven parties—five ruling and two opposition—Wednesday reached an agreement on Wednesday to address the demands of the agitating Tharu communities even by bringing in a new ordinance.. the seven parties including the main opposition party Nepali Congress and Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party (TMLP) .. agreed to fulfill the demands of the Tharu groups after meeting the legal and constitutional process. Emerging from the meeting, UML leader Ishwor Pokhrel said that the demands of the disgruntled Tharus, who are launching their strike to press their demands in the southern plains, would be resolved by rectifying the error of the ordinance. The Tarai region is witnessing a life crippling bandha since the past ten days due to the strike called by the Tharu communities in protest of the ordinance that categorises them as Madheshi.. “We have opened the legal and constitutional roads to address Tharus’ demands,” said Pokhrel, “All the parties have agreed on that". ... go to complete original article

Government-Tharu Talks Inconclusive

March 10 - .. talks between the government and the agitating Tharus and other janajati groups ended inconclusively Tuesday evening. The talks .. were adjourned as the government team headed by Peace and Reconstruction Minister Janardan Sharma said it could not decide on the demands of the agitating groups without discussing them with the Prime Minister. ".. told us that he would clarify the government's position on our demands tomorrow," Laxman Tharu, who led a nine-member team of Tharu Joint Struggle Committee.. He said the agitations would continue unless the demands, which include scrapping of the ordinance that put Tharus in the Madhesi category, were met. Seven-member team of Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha (TKS), Muslims and other janajati groups led by TKS general secretary Raj Kumar Lekhi, Maoist-affiliated Tharu National Liberation Front led by Indrajeet Choudhary and a team of UML-affiliated Nepal Democratic Tharu Association also participated in the talks. ... go to complete original article

C.P. Gajurel: "Maoist Party Never Took Tharu as Madhesis”

March 8 -Mr. C.P. Gajurel, the United Maoists’ Central Committee member rejected the idea that says that the indigenous Tharu Community too fell in the Madhesi category. The United Maoist party is the one that advocated first in favor of Ethnic Awareness but unfortunately it is turning communal and threatening the existence of the Nation- State, say experts.

“Our party never took the Tharu Community as Madhesis”, he clarified. Mr. Gajurel said, India has occupied Nepali lands in 58 different locations along the open border including Susta, Kalapani and Ilam, our party will soon launch a National Awareness Program against this continued Indian aggression”. Mr. Matrika Yadav, a Madesh and renegade leader however, believes that the Pahadiya Rulers of Nepal ( he Means Prachanda and Bhattarai ) are trying to create fissures between the indigenous Tharu community and the Madhesi community to create unrest in Terai. ... go to complete original article

Telegraph Nepal : Address Tharu demands: Nepal’s political actors

March 8 - With the Tharu uprising taking on a violent turn after the death of two innocent civilians and a police official on Friday March 6, 2009, Nepal’s political actors have begun making statements in favor of the Tharu Community. Minister Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar, though, a member of the indigenous Tharu community, who has time and again made confusing statements, sometime in favor of the Tharu community and sometime against them... Mr. Mahanta Thakur the president of Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party too has slightly toned-down his pro-Madhesi demands and asked the government to address the Tharu demands.. Mr. C.P. Gajurel, the United Maoists’ Central Committee member rejected the idea that says that the indigenous Tharu Community too fell in the Madhesi category.. Matrika Yadav, a Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) leader.. [says] Prachanda led government of Nepal [and] .. Pahadiya Rulers [are] trying to divide the population.

Mr. Matrika Yadav, a Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) leader however, believes that the Pahadiya Rulers of Nepal are trying to create fissures between the indigenous Tharu community and the Madhesi community to create unrest in Tarai. "The Prachanda led government of Nepal is trying to divide the population first and rule in an absolute manner”, said Mr. Yadav talking to the pressmen in Rautahat on Friday, March 6, 2009. “Even if Nepal gets the new constitution, it will be just in favor of Khas (Chhetri and Brahmins) Community”, Mr. Yadav predicted. “The pro-Madhesi parties want to occupy power and exploit the Madhesis themselves”, Mr. Yadav also said. ... go to complete original article

Nepal: “Peoples Liberation Army Won’t Stop Recruitment"

March 8 - Unified Communist Party Nepal (Maoist) PLA Drill (Photo) This originally published on eKantipur.com originally entitled: PLA Commander: PM Doesn’t Count Mar 7 - A commander of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said on Friday that PLA’s seventh division based in Bhangadhi would go ahead with recruitment, come what may. “The PLA will not stop the recruitment even if the party Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal himself issues directives against the fresh intake. Not even comrade Prachanda can stop us,” said division commander Mahendra Bahadur Shahi as a local newspaper published the vacancy announcement in its Friday edition. The division plans to recruit some 1,906 combatants. He said the PLA initiated the recruitment as the Nepal Army (NA) was taking in recruits. On Thursday, Dahal had said the recruitment controversies surrounding the NA and PLA would be over within a few days. ... go to complete original article

Maoists: Reactionaries Mistreating the Tharu people « Revolution in South Asia

March 6 - This article was originally published on Nepal News under the title: Maoist, Madhesi leaders speak out in favour of Tharu people. With Chitwan district and many parts of Terai remaining tense because of government categorisation of Tharus as Madhesis, a senior Unified CPN (Maoist) leader Friday argued that Tharus are not Madhesis but indigenous people. C.P Gajurel, who is also the foreign department head of the Maoist party, said the government led by his party erroneously decided to put Tharus in the Madhesi category coming under pressure from “other political parties” and claimed that his party never considered Tharus as Madhesis. He didn’t say under whose pressure the government made this decision, but it is believed that junior coalition partner Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, which has long been trying to woo the indigenous Tharu community, may have some hand in this. ... go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists 'recruit thousands'

March 4 - The Maoist former rebel group in Nepal, the People's Liberation Army (PLA), says it has begun recruiting thousands of young people. The announcement comes just days after the army said it had filled 3,000 vacancies, a move that has been condemned by the former rebels. They said it was a violation of the peace deal that ended their insurgency. The Maoists came to power last year after a landslide poll win but the role of the army is an unresolved issue. The BBC's Charles Haviland in Kathmandu says this game of tit-for-tat on recruitment has raised tensions but that most observers do not believe the Maoists seriously intend to go back to war. Rising tensions The head of the PLA, Nanda Kishore Pun, told the BBC that his organisation would take on more than 11,000 fighters, bringing the size of his army up to more than 31,000. He said that the recruitment process would continue unless the Maoist-led government intervened. It has yet to comment. ... go to complete original article

The Recruitment that Threatens to Derail the Peace Process

March 4 - Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) cantonments have started recruiting new soldiers apparently in response to the ongoing recruitment in Nepal Army (NA). Though the Maoist party itself has yet to officially comment on the recruitment, key political parties have come out strongly against the drive saying it violates past pacts, most notably the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of November 2006. Maoists, who head the defense ministry, said the same when Army recruitment row broke out. The other political parties gave the nod to Army recruitment. Ram Sharan Mahat, who represents Nepali Congress at the Army Integration Special Commitee (AISC), reacted to what PLA Chief Nanda Kishor Pun had said on Monday: “How can this combatant commander talk about additional recruitment when the AISC is talking of rehabilitation and integration of ex-combatants? ... go to complete original article

Young Communist League Merges With Youth Group of Masal

March 1 - Young Communist League Merges With Youth Group of Masal March 1, 2009 The Young Communist League (YCL), affiliated to the erstwhile CPN (Maoists), has merged with All Nepal Janabadi Youth Association, affiliated to the erstwhile CPN (Ekata Kendra – Masal) following the unification of their mother parties to form Unified CPN (Maoists). A 255-member committee led by Ganesh Man Pun, the erstwhile chairman of YCL, was also announced at the function. Raju Khadka and Uma Bhujel are deputy co-ordinators of the committee. The name of the new organisation will remain YCL. Earlier, the two organisations had decided to add a ‘democratic’ epithet to the name after the merger. It will adopt the flag of the Janabadi Youth Association. Addressing the function, Kul Prasad KC, alias Sonam, said YCL would be developed as the successor organisation of the Maoists. Maoist leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Minister for Information and Communications Krishna Bahadur Mahara also addressed the function. ... go to complete original article

Developing a Federal Structure

March 1 (Originally posted Feb 27) - We find mainly two models of the state structure implementing in the world: Unitary system and Federal system. Unified Maoist Leader and Minister of Law and Justice Dev Gurung says if the production-relation had developed in a capitalistic way, the ‘nationalities’ would have been merged and advanced ahead towards the ‘nation’. Therefore, to pave the way for nation building, the existing situation of nationalities should be addressed properly and scioentifically. They should be brought into a national unity by providing them the right of autonomy. Dev Gurung further says, “The nation remained ‘mono nationalities’ or ‘mono nation’, though the specialities of the country is still ‘multi-nationalities.’ The modality of federalism should provide autonomy on the base of nationalities. The re-structure of the state should be on the foundation of social unity created by the production-relation of the contemporary society in Nepal. ... go to complete original article

ZNet - Beginning of a New Nepal

March 1 (Originally posted Feb 23) - 2065: The Beginning of a New Nepal April 23, 2008 By Alberto Cru Alberto Cruz's ZSpace Page. Nepal has entered the year 2065 of its calendar and (after two postponements) has already held elections for the Constituent Assembly that may end the monarchy and open the way to the proclamation of a republic. This is an aspiration of a majority of the Nepali people and has been symbolized by the political and military struggle of the Maoist Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-M) since 1996. Nepal thus enters a new era following the popular rebellion that defeated the coup d'├ętat of the feudal monarchy and forced King Gyanendra to leave public life while maintaining the institution of the monarchy. Now, the principal task of the Constituent Assembly is to proclaim a Republic, assuming that the 23 point Agreement between the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists is honoured. That agreement followed the Maoists' abandonment of the interim government when previous agreements were not kept. ... go to complete original article

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