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Maoists Prepare Draft of New Constitution in Nepal

Feb 28 - The Unified CPN (Maoists) has decided to propose a mixed system with an executive President and a Prime Minister with limited authority to be incorporated in the new constitution. A task force led by .. Bhattarai, formed to prepare the draft of the new constitution, made such suggestions. In response to Nepali Congress (NC) President Girija Prasad Koirala’s remark that presidential system would invite totalitarianism, Bhattarai said.. presidential system is being followed successfully in various other countries including the USA.. The main opposition party (NC) has already decided to propose a parliamentary Prime Ministerial system. Meanwhile, the parliamentary party meeting of the Maoists has instructed its CA members going to various districts to collect public opinion for the new constitution to advocate for Presidential system. The PP meeting also endorsed the party’s decision to nominate Narayan Kaji Shrestha as the deputy leader of the PP. ... go to complete original article

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Prachanda on the People’s Liberation Army in a Changed Situation

Feb 26 - The fusion will not take a long time. We will have to win the war for peace within a few months. We must win. The peace process cannot be succeeded without help, discipline, unity and devotion of PLA. Many people still are not ready to accept a decade long People’s War to be the foundation of the declaration of republic. They hesitate to accept the truth that republic has been established on the strong foundation of PW. Therefore, the present situation is sharper than before. You are wining different wars and battles. Settle under the cantonment is also a People’s War. You have won it and you have to win the war continuously. Therefore, for the guarantee of the war for peace, you should follow and implement the directives of AISC unconditionally. Some people are making pretensions in accepting the leadership and implementing the directives of the elected government. If the PLA follows the directives of AISC fully, the war will be won by you. ... go to complete original article

Dina Nath Sharma - Interview in Nepal Telegraph

Feb 25 - Dina Nath Sharma, alias Ashok is currently the spokesperson of the ruling Nepal Communist Party- United Maoists’. In 1999 he led a revolt within the Communist Party of Nepal (Masal) against the party leadership. On April 6, 1999 Sharma split from the party and constituted his own parallel Communist Party of Nepal (Masal). Sharma's party called for boycott of elections and supported the armed struggle. Soon after the split Sharma's party merged with the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Sharma was inducted in the Maoist politburo. Sharma represented the Maoists during the 2003 peace-talks. After the end of the 2006 democracy movement in Nepal, Sharma was included in the group sent to Kathmandu to start peace negotiations with the new government. In early 2005 Sharma was, along with Baburam Bhattarai and Hisila Yami, demoted by the party supremo Prachanda. In July of that year Prachanda reinstated Sharma into the politburo. ... go to complete original article

Maoists discuss increasing party intervention in government undertakings

Feb 24 - Maoists discuss increasing party intervention in government undertakings The Unified CPN (Maoist) on Tuesday mulled over putting more muscle behind the government’s initiatives to ensure its “effective implementation” There was participation of all Maoist ministers in the meeting except that of Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Janardhan Sharma. The Maoist Central Secretariat had on Sunday formed the Government Mobilization Department, led by Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai, to effectively implement the government's programmes. The department, which has been formed at a time when the government led by the Maoist party had to retract one decision after another following pressure from the main opposition party Nepali Congress including national and international forces, has Maoist ministers as members. ... go to complete original article

Prachanda instructs Maoist Party to stay on alert

Feb 15 - Prachanda has instructed his party cadres to stay alert for another revolution, on Saturday. Addressing a function organised by All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF – affiliated to Maoists) in Lalitpur, Dahal said the party will not always be engaged in the peace process. "The constitution-drafting process will not last forever, we should seriously prepare ourselves for the next situation," said Dahal. Dahal opined that while many communist movements in the world failed because they could not recognise the need of the hour, Maoists in Nepal understood the situation and acted accordingly. He said, his party would now take the revolution into new heights against colonial forces. ... go to complete original article

Mohan Baidya: Exit of leader Matrika Yadav makes no difference to the party

Feb 15 - Mohan Baidya Sunday said that the exit of leader Matrika Yadav does not make any difference to the party. remarks of Baidya came in the wake of increasing possibility of the loss of Maoist grip in Madhesh.. Baidya said that Yadav would be allowed to rejoin if he comes back after correcting himself, though the party purged him on discipline ground. Talking to journalists at the party headquarters in Buddhanagar today, Baidya, who is the ideologue and leads the hardliners within the party, made it clear that anyone who wants to quit the party are free to do so as there is ideological freedom in the party. More than 100 leaders and activists of the Unified CPN (Maoist) defected to the CPN (Maoist) reconstituted and headed by Matrika Yadav on Saturday. The defectors include Bhojpura State Committee member Indal Rai Yadav, central committee member of the Tharuwan Mukti Morcha Palat Chaudhary and central committee member of the Madheshi Rastriya Mukti Morcha Jayram Yadav. ... go to complete original article

Nepal’s Kiran: Threatening “Another Bend” in the Street Struggle

Feb 8 - Many of the conspiracies are being hatched to fail the elected Maoist-led government. We all know that the main task of the government is to write a new constitution and lead the peace process in to a logical end. The extra-others are the secondary tasks for the government. However, the anti-people power and the reactionaries are trying to divert from the main issues and the tasks. Therefore, we advance a head to fulfill these tasks through the street struggle. Is the street struggle related to the future insurrection? The street struggle is connected with the progress of the peace process. The three fronts: the government, CA and street: are complementary. However, the front of struggle can take another bend if the anti-people and the reactionary powers create obstacles incessantly against writing constitution and the peace process. ... go to complete original article

CPN-Maoist, Masal unite - Prachanda warns of Peoples Revolt if government is forced to quit

Jan 14 - Prachanda is threatening widespread mass struggle (and possibly insurrection) if there isn’t progress toward a radically new and different constitution in the assembly. He is identify the parties that are roadblocks to the people’s hopes, and he is calling on the people to prepare for struggle. And (very prominently in this piece) he is pointing out the important role played by the armed struggle (previously in the form of peoples war) in all progress so far. This is a call for people (at the base of society and of his party) to prepare themselves for the next wave of struggle. Prachanda warns of Peoples Revolt if government is forced to quit The formal announcement of unification between CPN (Maoist) and Unity Centre (Masal) was made in Kathmandu amid a mass gathering Tuesday. Party workers took out rallies from different parts of the capital prior to the mass gathering at Khula Manch, which was attended by senior leaders from the Maoist party and the now-dissolved Unity Centre (Masal). Prachanda, Prime Minister and chairman of CPN (Maoist), heads the united party which has been named as Unified CPN (Maoist). The party will have a 175-member central committee that includes 38 members from Unity Centre (Masal). Addressing the mass meeting, party chairman Dahal warned of 'people's revolt' if the current Maoist-led government is forced to quit. "This government is not a repetition of past ones. If it is overthrown our party will spearhead a people's revolt from the next day and capture power," ... go to complete original article

Maoists are all set to unleash another "massive" struggle, says Gajurel

Jan 4 - A senior Maoist leader CP Gajurel, Saturday, said that his party is prepared to unleash yet another “massive” struggle to institutionalise republic in the country as per the desire of people. Gajural, who is the chief of CPN (Maoist)’s foreign department, came up with this remark while speaking at a program in Sindhuli. “We are all geared up to launch such a struggle from the street, the parliament and the government,” he said adding that the country would achieve sustainable peace and development only after the success of another “severe” struggle we are going to unleash to “uphold the aspirations of ordinary people.” He also said the certain foreign power centers including India are bent to augment their unscrupulous clout in Nepali political domain. Gajural also lambasted the government led by his own party saying that it has failed to provide any relief to the people. ... go to complete original article

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