Monday, September 22, 2008

Zizek: "A Plea for Leninist Intolerance"

The quote in the header of this blog comes from the article by Savoj Zizek with the title above. Again:

"Lenin's obsessive tirades against formal freedom worth saving today; when he underlines that there is no pure democracy, that we should always ask whom a freedom under consideration serves, his point is precisely to maintain the possibility of a true choice. Formal freedom is the freedom of choice within the coordinates of the existing power relations, while actual freedom designates the site of an intervention that undermines these very coordinates."

Why I chose this quote for the header is twofold, though there is only one reason. It says something true to me about the distinction between formal and actual freedom; while I comprehend Lenin, and in turn Zizek, experienced the distinction at some point as a core truth to which obviously they demonstrate allegiance. So I was enlisted in that allegiance. Second, not actually second, I experience that the action of allegiance is in the intervention, that being actual freedom and the only real freedom - the site is now.

The article is "A Plea for Leninist Intolerance" . This article and many others by Zizek, as well as many other links from the tags below are available at My Delicious Network

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nickglais said...

Hi Stefandav I like this Zizek Quote it seems to be coming more true by the day.

Nice to see the Zizek on your Mogulus TV.

How about a post on Badiou

Stefandav said...

Yes, Nick.. was actually working towards that when I caught your comment.. soon. The video segments on Nepal with related links will follow the next post - then on Zapatista. Appreciate the interest.. please stay tuned. Today I learned from your posts on Prachanda.