Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Introduction

My net-activism aims to introduce information on "revolutionary" praxis with an emphasis on certain Marxist-Leninist lines of thought. The range of my topics is described below following some guidance on how this blog can best be used:

About Using the Blog

Each blog entry will begin with some discussion of my purpose in making the entry. Rather than engaging is much interpretation or opinion, I introduce links referencing authoritative resources. Usually the link will have some quotation from the resource itself, or annotation, so you can know more about it and hopefully become interested. Of significance is that each entry is provided some number of tags. You can use any tag provided to get a display of all entries in the blog that have been supplied that tag.

I organize my internet research on another website, Delicious , also included among the "Stefandav Primary Links" on the sidebar. This social networking site enables sharing research with others based on the use of common tags. The user may also select text or provide text annotating the link when it is bookmarked. Finally, tagged and annotated links may be bundled into groups of related tags. When I cite a reference in this blog it will link to the original source on the net rather than my Delicious site, but I add the tags for that link and annotation with reference to my Delicious database organization. This means that you as a user of this blog may go to my Delicious site and find any tag of interest and get many citations including the one I have cited in the blog entry.

The Topics of the Blog

I am most interested in the Marxist line through Althusser and psychoanalysis as per Lacan - and the modern developments in these today by Alain Badiou and Savoj Zizek. Certain other writers about these political philosophers are also emphasized. The blog entries will often take up specific ideas of personal significance and reference article, blog, book, website and other information resources with appropriate links.

I follow world revolutionary movements particularly in Latin America, Nepal and North India. The struggle within China should be a focus of net-activism because global access to this information is perhaps the most suppressed on the planet. Again, blog entries will provide appropriate links referring to information resources about historical events on which I feel attention should be focused.

Another site I use is Mogulus , from which I broadcast stored video clips to a widget installed in the sidebar of this blog - you can view and select video from the widget or from my external site also among the "Stefandav Primary Links" listed on the sidebar as "Stefandav TV". Blog entries are made introducing new video storyboards as they are added. The initial series of blog entries includes one which provides detailed information on how to use the widget - everything can be done from the widget that can be done at the external website.

I live and work in China and usually spend two months a year in New York City.

Blog Guide: A discussion of blog features and primary topic content may be found at the initial entry. The first few entries give a good idea of how best to use the blog, especially for the tagging and social bookmarking at my external Delicious site, and for instructions regarding the Stefandav TV widget.

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