Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Announcement Regarding My Blogs

During the last few weeks several important developments regarding my use of my blogs and focus of coverage. These will help any readers follow these changes:

1. I returned from Nepal to Beijing and ended my business activity and apartment lease and for all practical purposes am no longer based in China after a period of 7 years there.

2. My primary base now is in New York City, but I plan to be in Brooklyn only for a period of 2-3 months each year. My plan is to continue travels to areas of revolutionary socialist development.

3. Nepal's Maoist revolution has been my primary story for coverage and I will continue to provide updates on developments and most important articles on the Maobadi. I will however be changing immediate focus to an investigation of the conflict in Haiti.

4. Having relocated to New York, the immediate plan is to begin excursions to the Dominican Republic to explore the living situation and begin personal coverage of Haiti (the other part of Hispaniola).

5. I am also interested in a visit to New Zealand to make some assessment of living possibilities there. This will be later. That being in the East I may take the opportunity to return to Nepal in that period depending on the state of developments there.

6. Regarding the Blogger website I will continue to post the most important entries based on the news and all the postings that are mainly my own writing. I am going to stop however the monthly posting of all news items on the situation in Nepal.

7. Regular coverage of the news events in Nepal will still be available at my Delicious bookmarking website. Major stories will still be posted at the Blogger website as well as my
Zmag website.

8. The Zmag website in addition to providing links to postings at the Blogger site will also continue to be the place where daily postings on all my topic areas will be situated.

9. Besides the focus on specific revolutionary and socialist struggles in various geographic areas I intend as well to continue to study the range of current Communist philosophers, particularly Alain Badiou and Savoj Zizek - and now in regard to my interest in Haiti, the philosopher and writer Peter Hallward.

Blog Guide: A discussion of blog features and primary topic content may be found at the initial entry. The first few entries give a good idea of how best to use the blog, especially for the tagging and social bookmarking at my external Delicious site, and for instructions regarding the Stefandav TV widget.

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